Hello and welcome to the registration page for ITC DIA Europe Munich, held on 22-23 November, 2023 at the Eisbach Studios in Munich, Germany.  We would love to welcome you to Europe's insurtech capital to witness and experience the Future of Insurance with us. 
1. If you're experiencing difficulties with payment, then there's a big chance it might be one of the two reasons:
a) The zip-code you entered does not correspond with the credit card. The billing address might not be the same as your office address. Please check with your bank to confirm the  correct details.
b) The two-step verification is not activated properly. If you suspect this is the case, then please email us at boohon@itcdiaeurope.com 
2. If you prefer to pay via invoice. Send an email to guus@itcdiaeurope.com
3. The insurer pass is only available to people working for an insurance company. We do regular checks and if we find out that you purchased the insurer pass despite being ineligible we will take action. 

Super Early Bird - Insurer - €795.00

Price at the door € 1,795.00

Please note that the alumni discount applies only to alumni, that visited a previous ITC or DIA event. 

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