Hello and welcome to the registration page for ITC DIA Europe - Amsterdam 2024 held on 12 - 13 June at the iconic Taets Art and Event Park!
As we return to our industrial setting and signature festival roots, we hope to gather even more insurance executives from Europe's largest insurance markets.
1. If you prefer to pay via invoice. Send an email to guus@itcdiaeurope.com
2. The insurer pass is only available to people working for an insurance company and insurance brokers and agents.  Insurtechs backed by an insurer are not eligible. We do regular checks and incorrect usage of the pass will result in action taken by us.. 

The Super Early Bird expires in:

Disclaimer: The alumni discount code only applies to people that attended any previous ITC or DIA event.

Super Early Bird - €1,295.00

Regular price at the door
Startup € 995.00
Insurer € 1,795.00
Regular € 2,495.00

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